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Author: Angelic Schmidt, M.A, LPC


How to Celebrate Pride in Less Than Prideful Environments

Unfortunately, whether it’s in your entire state or primarily in your home, LGBTQ+ individuals will often encounter prejudice of some sort at some point in our lives. And this also sadly means that it isn’t always safe to openly celebrate your part in or support of the upcoming Pride Month in June. In light of those of us who cannot fully openly celebrate themselves, I wanted to give some resources that may help everyone celebrate and honor Pride Month in some more discreet ways.

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Breaking Down Barriers to Destigmatize Mental Health

We have direct experience as therapists with the negative impact that stigma can have on people who are attempting to get help. That is why we are dedicated to empowering individuals to take action and work towards destigmatizing mental health and changing the way that people think about mental health care. 

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