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How to Celebrate Pride in Less Than Prideful Environments

Are you a part of the LGBTQ+ community who also lives somewhere that is less than accepting of our community? 


Unfortunately, whether it’s in your entire state or primarily in your home, LGBTQ+ individuals will often encounter prejudice of some sort at some point in our lives. And this also sadly means that it isn’t always safe to openly celebrate your part in or support of the upcoming Pride Month in June. 


In light of those of us who cannot fully openly celebrate themselves, I wanted to give some resources that may help everyone celebrate and honor Pride Month in some more discreet ways. 


1. Read your heart out!: There are some amazing LGBTQ+ authors out there! By reading about characters we can better relate to and simultaneously supporting LGBTQ+ authors, we can honor a part of ourselves, help share another’s story, and find a great new book to cuddle up with in the AC this summer. 


Here are some lists to get you started but there are hundreds more.


2. Make conscious purchases: Not only are there some amazing LGBTQ+ entrepreneurs out there, but contributing to someone’s small business can help make unimaginable positive changes for someone else’s life too.


3. Find community: Being a part of a marginalized community, especially here in Texas, can all too often be a lonely experience. Thankfully, there are many groups that meet either virtually or in pre-established safe/LGBTQ+ friendly spaces. 

Follow these accounts on IG for some in-person community opportunities: 







Here are some great online resources for finding groups:


4. Utilize resources: If you need help and don’t know where to turn, here are some great resources for improving mental health that are LGBTQ+ affiliated and/or allied.



And finally, contact us today to ask about getting set up with one of our counselors or to obtain more resources for starting your therapeutic journey in your immediate area.