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Pride Month is Almost Over…What Now?

Ever notice that on about June 30th a majority of large businesses take down pride flags or change any products/branding from rainbow-colored back to “normal” brand colors? As we conclude June and enter into July, the days get longer and hotter, but also a bit less colorful. On top of the extreme temperature changes, we also see a lot less of the big, bright rainbow Pride flags openly displayed around town. While this can be often discouraging and disappointing, I think it highlights an important point: putting a rainbow logo on something/someone once a year is not real allyship – it’s marketing. So moving into July and throughout our daily lives, how can we be an active part of practicing allyship or find LGBTQ+ oriented communities?


While the reality is that big businesses are just corporate entities that do not have values of their own, there are smaller organizations and local communities that do have and actively support values such as LGBTQ+ allyship. And while we cannot do much in the way of changing the former, there is still a lot of power the individual holds.

So the good news: there’s a lot you (yes, YOU, an individual) can do and seek out! From reading books about or written by the LGBTQ+ community to supporting businesses that are actual allies, there are a lot of options to make LGBTQ+ Pride a year-round celebration.


First and foremost, we can each continue to be an active part in the LGBTQ+ community or be an actively participating ally by simply continuing to talk about it. Our own voices hold more power than we often realize. If others hear more outwardly spoken support for this community in daily conversation, the more safe spaces we create for LGBTQ+ individuals and allies alike. Additionally, using our own social media or blog platforms to continue advocacy for the LGBTQ+ community perpetuates safe spaces online.


Another important (and pretty easy) way to continue showing support and allyship involves supporting people, causes, and businesses we know are actual supporters of equality and allyship. Doing some simple research prior to giving a company our hard-earned money is a great way to practice this! I’ve started some research and thanks to social media posts like that of @coffeemeetsbagel on IG, here is a starting list of some businesses within Texas (the greater Houston area specifically) that are true year-round allies: Conduit Coffee, Star Sailor, Koffeteria, Tacos Dona Lena, Cambrian Coffee, Honest Lick Ice Cream.


If you or a friend need either online or in-person community support, you can visit: or


To find some additional health & wellness resources for LGBTQ+ individuals of all ages, visit:


And finally, let us remind one another that we are never truly alone and it is more than OK to reach out and ask for help.


Whether that be through seeking therapy with any of us here at Natural Balance Counseling, a universally safe & accepting environment, or through using other sources to find affirming care for/with one another.,actions_i