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Breaking Down Barriers to Destigmatize Mental Health

May is Mental Health Awareness Month which is dedicated to spreading awareness and dismantling the stigma related to mental health. At Natural Balance Counseling, we wholeheartedly believe that no one should be unable to receive mental health assistance due to stigma and prejudice. We have direct experience as therapists with the negative impact that stigma can have on people who are attempting to get help. That is why we are dedicated to empowering individuals to take action and work towards destigmatizing mental health and changing the way that people think about mental health care. Curious how you can get involved and take steps to spread awareness? Read along for some practical and tangible ways that you can contribute to destigmatizing mental health!


Start Conversations

Having frank discussions about mental health is one of the most effective strategies to combat stigma. Start nonjudgmental and encouraging discussions about mental health with friends, family, coworkers, and more. You can normalize conversations about mental health by sharing your own experiences or just listening with an open mind to others.


Educate Yourself

Spend some time learning about mental health issues and the difficulties that people encounter with navigating how to cope with mental health concerns, gaining access to mental healthcare, and more. This can assist in debunking rumors and false beliefs about mental illness. Along with a wealth of credible online resources, mental health specialists have authored books and articles as well as created social media platforms for fostering education on mental health and wellness.


Use Inclusive Language 

Language plays a powerful role in shaping perceptions of mental health. When talking about mental health, be mindful of using terminology that is stigmatizing or disparaging. Instead, use language that is supportive and considerate of people who are dealing with mental health issues or who might have a close family member or friend struggling with mental health concerns.


Support Initiatives Related to Mental Health

Participate in local or national mental health programs and associations. By contributing your time, taking part in activities to raise money, or lobbying for legislative changes, you can help lower stigma and improve accessibility to mental health services for all.


Share Your Truth

Personal stories have the power to humanize mental health struggles. Consider sharing the truth of your own experiences with mental health or amplifying the voices of others through social media, blogs, or community events. By sharing stories of hope and resilience, we can inspire others to seek help and challenge stigma.


Lead by Doing 

Lastly…set the precedent for others by putting YOUR OWN mental health and wellbeing first. Be proactive in your stress management, self-care, and support-seeking endeavors. 


At Natural Balance Counseling, our goal is to create a friendly, safe space where people may ask for the assistance they require without worrying about being judged or stigmatized. Let’s collaborate to create a time where everyone can access, understand, and respect mental health.