Some Commonly Asked Questions

We are an out of network provider with all insurance companies. However, if your plan provides an out of network reimbursement service, please let us know and we can provide you with the paperwork necessary for reimbursement. Please let us know if you have any questions regarding this area.
We currently do not see minors at this time.
For parking questions, please refer to the image guide on our contact page. We are in the Regus building at 21 Waterway Ave on the 3rd floor. The front desk staff will great you and let us know you are here. Feel free to contact us directly as well if you get lost.
This will vary depending on the individual and the issues being addressed. If you have a specific limit of time or finances, please let us know in advance and we can discuss the various treatment options as well as benefits and concerns with each option available to you.
Absolutely! You will need to sign a Release of Information form for us to discuss your case with them but we are more than happy to collaborate. You can find the Release of Information form in the Client Paperwork tab.
We do not, but we can assist you in finding a mental health practitioner who can.
In short… yes! Counseling can be designed to meet a variety of individual needs and concerns, even when they seem minor! Your counselor will work with you in designing a treatment plan to support you in where you are at. Whether that’s more intense work together or some simple support and a listening ear – We got you!
A wide range of things! Counseling is meant to be a service to support you in wherever you are at. Some of the things we can address are:
  • Working through past trauma
  • Navigating stressful school/work situations
  • Decreasing the effects of burnout
  • Feeling heard and understood by your partner
  • Improving your connection with your kids
  • Increasing work/life satisfaction
  • And so much more!
Not yet! Currently, Natural Balance Counseling has one counselor, Alyssa Webb-McCune, who is also the Owner and does most of the behind the scene work. However, we/I are looking to expand over the course of this next year. If you are interested in one day working for us, send an email to:
Yes we can! We can speak on a wide range of topics, specifically designed to fit your needs. Contact us at: so we can start working together!