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How to Celebrate Pride in Less Than Prideful Environments

Unfortunately, whether it’s in your entire state or primarily in your home, LGBTQ+ individuals will often encounter prejudice of some sort at some point in our lives. And this also sadly means that it isn’t always safe to openly celebrate your part in or support of the upcoming Pride Month in June. In light of those of us who cannot fully openly celebrate themselves, I wanted to give some resources that may help everyone celebrate and honor Pride Month in some more discreet ways.

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Self-Love Mantras for Singles on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day can sometimes feel like a tough spot for those flying solo – but that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate love – especially the love you have for yourself. In fact, this Valentine’s Day could be the perfect opportunity to shower yourself with some much-needed self-love and care. And what better way to do so than through empowering Mantras?

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