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Divorce/Separation Counseling

How does counseling help?

Whether it was you or your partner who made the final decision to leave, going through a separation is never easy. Or maybe you haven’t officially decided to leave yet, but the thought has crossed your mind and you are trying to figure out what the best course of action is for you. Either of these situations can bring up a host of thoughts, feelings and emotions that have never come up before. Our counselors can walk you through every step of the process to make sure you are honoring those decisions and actions that are the best for you, and help you feel strong and supported in whatever your decision is.

Things that may be happening:

All of these are situations that our counselors see often, and many people experience when the talk of separation is put on the table. Feeling overwhelmed and confused is really common, but you are not alone in this!

Here's how we help

In the counseling office, your counselor will first talk with you to find out more about your specific situation and what your biggest concerns are. They will then help you identify what are the most immediate obstacles to tackle and what that will look like on a day to day basis. Every stage of the separation process is hard, and no matter where you are, we want you to be able to be supported in finding the most success and peace possible.

Divorce is such a heavy topic for many individuals and the various nuances, beliefs, and deeply held attitudes about it can all impact a person’s functioning, as well as how they cope when dealing with it. Finding strategies and positive support can make a significant difference in how someone goes through this struggle, and comes out on the other side. Our counselors not only find those day-to-day actions that can help you, but they’ll also support you in exploring the heavy emotions that can feel both paralyzing and overwhelming at the same time. Life after divorce may feel daunting, but it is possible. We would love to support you in that journey!