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Work/Life Balance

Can counseling help?

So many years of our lives are spent in the workplace, trying to support, and give ourselves the life we desire. Unfortunately, a common experience is finding ourselves in a place where work is consuming our time in increasing levels, leaving us to not be able to enjoy life outside of work. No matter where you are at in your career and life, counseling can help you build the life you want, well beyond the workplace.


Are things unbalanced?

Many people face these moments every now and then, but when these situations are the most common experiences, then there is cause for concern. Living in an unbalanced life can trickle down and negatively impact intimate relationships, family connections, and individual happiness. Working to create a life that you love and thrive in is possible, but it can take some creativity and adjustment. Let us help!

Here's how we help

Living in this type of unbalance is one of the most common things our clients struggle with when they first come in. It is also one of the most rewarding things to see when they leave counseling, thriving in a fulfilling environment and lifestyle. There is hope to create a life you love and look forward to waking up in each day.

Your counselor will work with you to identify the things that are the most important for you on a deep and personal level. These things include not only what is important for you at work, but also for yourself as a person, and in your relationships. We look at life holistically, because that is where change and progress happen, when the whole person is considered and honored.


We then develop strategies and tools to help you regain control of a life that feels like has gotten out of hand. When you then apply these tools in between sessions, and adjust things as needed, you not only are able to gain better control, but also understand yourself and your functioning on a deeper level.


Change does not happen overnight, but hope can develop that quickly. You don’t have to continue living in a life you dread. Reach out today to book your first session!