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Relationship Counseling

Why counseling for us?

Relationships are complex, and in this complexity they can be really challenging at times. Each person has their own past experiences that they bring into the current situation, and your needs and expectations of the relationship may be different from your partner’s. These differences can lead to a relationship that is full of dissatisfaction, lack of intimacy, and painful interactions. In relationship counseling, we help couples explore these concerns, work on their communication, improve their connection, and resolve conflicts.

Signs that counseling may help you:

Counseling can help in all of these situations, and provide both short and long term support. Our desire is that you and your partner grow into happier and healthier people throughout counseling, enabling you to have a better connection through it all.

Here's how we help

At Natural Balance Counseling, our goal is to help you and your partner explore the bigger picture of your relationship, and individual interactions. You are given a safe space to dive deeper into the patterns of both your individual, and couple behavior, as well as find ways to be more aware of your actions and decisions.

It is important to recognize that counseling isn’t just for people struggling in their relationship; It is also beneficial to people in healthy, happy relationships who want to optimize and strengthen their communication and connection.

Relationship counseling with our counselors is also for individuals across sexual, and relationship orientations, and dynamics as well. We have experience addressing concerns including, but not limited to, LGBTQIA+ relationships, monogamy and ethical non-monogamy, as well as traditional, and alternative relationship dynamics as well.

Our counselors seek to help you become better communicators, develop strong relationship skills, and improve your relationship unit’s happiness, and contentment as a whole.

If you are in fact experiencing problems in your relationship, and want that trust, communication, and intimacy back, be prepared to be honest, get uncomfortable, listen to your partner/s, and to put in the time.

We all need human touch, love, and affection to thrive. You deserve to be in a relationship where you can feel carefree and happy! At Natural Balance Counseling, we seek to help you become better communicators, develop stronger relationship skills and boundaries, and improve your relationship unit’s happiness and contentment as a whole.