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Grief Counseling

Do I Need Counseling for Experiencing Loss?

Grief can show up in so many ways and for a wide variety of reasons. Death of a loved one, loss of a career, termination of a relationship, and so many other things can bring up feelings of deep sadness, anger, numbness, and devastation. While we cannot change what happened, we can and do want to support you in figuring out how to handle the loss in the best way possible for you.

Signs that you are being impacted:

You are not alone in this! Grief can feel like a paralyzing experience, and thinking about trying to get through it can be overwhelming. Your counselor will work with you to make sure you are supported every step of the way from the beginning to the end of the counseling process.

Here's how we help

Grief is the natural reaction to many types of losses. It takes place across all ages, however, each person’s experience is different from the next in the details and what they are going through. Emotions experienced can range from deep sadness, bursts of anger, to feeling like you are walking in a cloud and completely numb. Throughout all of this, there is not one specific “right” way to deal with it. Everyone grieves in their own way and the time frame differs depending on the person and overall situation.


At the beginning of counseling, your counselor will work with you to identify the biggest obstacles in your path for day-to-day functioning as well as overall mental space. Using strength-based strategies, you will start implementing small actions to help you break through the “stuck” feeling that often happens when dealing with loss. Building on top of these actions, your counselor will help you in processing through all the emotions that are coming up related to your situation, so you can make sense of them and know what to do with them when they come up. 

Fully processing and coping with these feelings of loss can be extremely difficult and a painful process. You may feel denial, anger, disbelief, depression, or anxiety, among many other emotions. Counseling can help you strengthen your resiliency to deal with the strong emotions you may feel during your grieving process. It is not a quick fix, but it is an incredibly beneficial one that allows you to accept the reality of the loss, adjust to this new phase life, and find ways to continue to move forward. The process of grieving is not easy, and this is where we would like to help you.