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Alternative Relationships

What Does "Alternative" Mean?

Here at Natural Balance Counseling, we recognize the importance of embracing diversity and supporting all individuals and all relationship styles. Some of our clients identify as ethically non-monogamous in some fashion and practice some form of BDSM/kink in their private lives. Our goal is to support you in every area, and our counselors are knowledgeable and prepared to help you in these areas.

Things that may be happening:

We can help! Each of these things can feel overwhelming in its own right, but it’s not the end. Counseling can help guide you toward your strength and show how every facet of your life plays into it from an empowering, non-negative perspective.

Here's how we help

In counseling, we will look at the significant obstacles facing you and your partner(s) as we navigate the presenting concern. We actively work to identify the strengths within the relationship and dynamic and are honest about potential roadblocks to help you make empowered choices that work within your life and identity.


After identifying some of the significant strengths and roadblocks within your situation, we will work together to support you in your life, while also acknowledging how various identities impact each other. Ethical non-monogamy comes with a unique set of questions, strengths, and areas to discuss, which we can explore together to find the choice that is most beneficial for you. Within the BDSM community as well, we will work to identify the areas that you want to explore and embrace, without feeling any sort of pressure or judgement from your counselor. It should not be your duty to educate your counselor about your general lifestyle, and we take this fact to heart! We will help you in navigating your questions and concerns about your current struggle in an open and supportive environment.