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Why counseling for parenting struggles?

From newborns, to middle schoolers, to adult children, and everything in between- every stage of raising another human comes with its own set of struggles, joys, and questions. As much as we wish children came with an instruction booklet, that’s not the case. Stress can easily get you lost in your head with anxieties about raising the next generation, and the toll it takes on you as a parent. This is where counseling comes in!

Things that may be happening:

All of these situations are ones our clients face often, and we know how heavy and difficult it can be. Using knowledge about developmental psychology, our counselors can help you understand not only yourself, but your child better. We can then use this knowledge to help you feel more in control, and know what to do with yourself and the situation at hand.

Here's how we help

One of the things that can makes parenting so difficult is the struggle to understand the younger human in front of you, while also maintaining your own identity and sanity. Part of working through struggles can be understanding your own beliefs and patterns of parenting, and what that looks like in actual application. Without understanding this, it can hard to differentiate your own feelings from the emotions of your child.

At the beginning, you and your counselor will work together to fully breakdown and understand the situation at hand, and identify what the biggest obstacles are. It can be confusing and overwhelming sometimes to know where to start, but do not worry! Your counselor will support and guide you to find the best starting place in the situation. After this you will work to develop concrete goals, and steps to achieve them that promote peace and well being for both you and your family. Parenting can be one of the most heart wrenching, and rewarding experiences for any person to go through, but the work and sacrifice it takes is real. Let us help you to be able to live out this experience in the best way possible for you.