What do we do now?

Cheating is usually not something that is planned for within a relationship, and the aftermath can feel devasting for anyone involved. It can be almost impossible to imagine how a relationship can recover from the infidelity, and how closeness and trust can be developed again. In counseling though, it is possible! We can work together to help a relationship not only recover from infidelity, but come out stronger and more resilient!

Things That May Be Happening:

In any of these situations, you’re not alone. There is a host of emotions and conflicting thoughts running through your mind, and it can be hard to figure them out on your own. We want to help you in finding a way to get through this experience in a way that suits you best!

Here's how we help

Infidelity leaves no one involved in the situation unscathed. The jealousy, insecurities, anger, fear, and confusion it can bring up are all common responses, but equally difficult to manage on your own. While each situation is different and nuanced in its own way, the foundational feelings are still there, and ones that are shared by couples and individuals across the world.

Your counselor can work with just you, or you and your partner together as you navigate the situation at hand. It may feel overwhelming, but there are clear steps and guides to recovering from this experience, both as an individual or together as a unit. In the counseling room, you get to set the goals of what you want to accomplish, and what you ultimately desire things to look like. If you aren’t sure what those goals are yet, that’s okay too. We want you to be able to be happy and healthy in your situation, no matter what has happened, and come out stronger at the end of it. We know it feels like a mountain of a task, but recovery and strength is possible. Reach out today to schedule your first appointment to help you be able to find that peace and contentment again in your life!