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Sex Therapy

Is Sex Therapy Right For Me?

Talking about sex and sexuality can often be an overwhelming or intimidating topic for both individuals and couples. Working through any type of concerns or roadblocks with a trained professional allows for you to explore and develop this area of your life deeper than previously experienced. We know it can feel hopeless, and like you don’t know where to start… but you start here!

Things that may be happening:

You are not alone! Almost everyone faces some sort of sexual problem during their lifetime. What is different is you do not have to face it alone. Your sex therapist comes prepared with specialized training, and research to support you in the exact way you need in your journey.

Here's how we help

In the counseling room, your therapist will guide you every step of the way through this process. We know and understand this can be a really vulnerable topic to discuss, which is why your care is our utmost concern. At the beginning, there will be general questions asked so we can get a better idea about the presenting concern, and then we will work on developing a course of treatment to help you work through some of the roadblocks getting in your way.

Sex therapy can be done with an individual or within a relationship dynamic, depending on the presenting concerns, and who is willing to come in for counseling. If you are unsure whether your situation would be best to be addressed individually or as a couple, give us a call and we can help guide you in the direction best for your situation.