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Tips on Identifying Your Strengths

Have you ever found yourself wondering what exactly you are good at or what your strengths are? If so, this blog is for you and this is not just for you to read. This post is for you to get involved and apply some things to help as you work to answer the question, “What am I good at?”. Get out a writing device and let’s get started!


Identifying what we are good at leads us to identifying our strengths. Knowing our strengths can help us stay motivated when things get rough and we feel like giving up. There are so many areas that can sometimes be difficult to stay motivated and excited about. What are those areas for you? Work? Parenting? Relationships? Hobbies?


Pick the top two things that jump to your mind with the strongest feelings of exhaustion. If you think about the topic and you find yourself feeling like “I just can’t do this anymore”, that is the area I want you to choose. Ok?… Got them…? Write those down.


Area #1:


Area #2:


Take each area at a time and go through the following steps.


Reflect back and think about a time when you were REALLY motivated and excited about this area.


When was that?


What was that like?


What specific thoughts ran through your head that helped you get out of bed?


What were you doing differently about your life compared to now?


Now, I know some of these things may not apply now… but some will. Life situations shift, but values stay consistent and you are still YOU!


Some of you may recognize this line of questioning from counseling sessions and that’s expected. What we are doing here is looking for your strengths and doing what we can to emulate those instead of looking at the negative situations you’re struggling with currently. You’ve succeeded in this area before, you can do it again! I absolutely believe that 110%.


What can be done in the current situation to help you get back to those strengths from before? What mindset shifts can be done to help bring you closer to that place of excitement and energy? Is it going to be perfect? Maybe not, but we can get closer to that ideal goal. If you need support in identifying your strengths and navigating how to capitalize on your strengths, our team of counselors will be ready to assist. Feel free to reach out today to schedule a free 10 to 15-minute consultation at!