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Finding Your “Why”

In counseling, we talk a lot about change and self-awareness. It’s often why people first come in! They see something they want to change but they aren’t sure how to do that. They are striving to make positive change and want to understand what gets in their way and how to overcome those things. However, I don’t want to look at what the roadblocks are right now. Instead, let’s identify what is the driving force behind this forward movement.


You are seeking change for a reason. Your reason may be different than others, but there is a motivation. There is a reason that brought you here. Let’s spend some time trying to figure out what’s pushing you forward. It’s what is pushing you to schedule an appointment each week, follow through with the homework assigned, and use the healthy coping skills we discuss together or the coping skills you find by doing your own research.


Know your “WHY”


Why is it important we think about these questions and the answers? The answer is so we can know ourselves and identify what to go back to when things get rough. There are going to be rough counseling sessions, days when coping skills can’t get you to calm down, and we need to look back on what is pushing you forward to keep coming and striving to be a better you. Looking at the “why” behind your change, not just the “what.”

Here are some ways to identify your “why:”

  • Look back on what has motivated you to change in the past.
  • What was the “breaking point” that caused you to seek out counseling?
  • Think about your future goals and try to identify a common denominator between them.
  • When things are at rock bottom, what keeps you waking up in the morning?

No answer to these questions is too “small” or “insignificant.” Anything that motivates you to move forward and keep going is something worth noting and worth talking about.  


Are you interested in counseling and have you identified your why? If you are ready to start the journey to become the best version of yourself, feel free to reach out to schedule an appointment at!