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Intentional Quality Time with Your Partner

When was the last time you and your partner spent some intentional quality time together? No…I don’t mean scrolling Tik Tok mindlessly on the couch next to one another. I mean taking time to make an intentional and meaningful connection with your partner. If you can’t remember how long it has been, then it has been far too long! It is so easy to find yourself going on autopilot to get through the motions of your day and you may forget to take a moment to acknowledge and connect with your partner. Here are some simple date ideas to encourage you and your partner to reconnect, turn toward one another, and make the time you are spending together intentional!


1) Love through Food 


Find a new recipe that you both would like to try your hand at, put on some music, dance around the kitchen, and prepare a fun new meal together. Make it even more memorable by dressing up for one another, setting the table, and sitting down to enjoy the meal you have created together.


2) Find your Competitive Nature and Enjoy a Game Night 


Pull out the board games or turn on the TV and whatever game console you prefer. Use that competitive nature to bond and laugh with your loved one as you both race to complete the goal of the game.


3) Massage Night to Relax the Muscles


Grab either a massage lotion bar or some massage oil and take turns sensually massaging your partner. Find some calming music to put on in the background, light some candles, and communicate with your partner about what areas of your body you want them to focus on. 


4) Move those Feet


Spend some time with your partner in nature taking in your surroundings and enjoying the fresh air together. Check out a local park, beach, or nearby walking trails, or stroll around your neighborhood for a change of scenery from the house. Take pictures and point out interesting animals, insects, or plants that you come across.


5) Gettin’ Artsy


Who says arts and crafts have to stop after elementary school? Grab some art supplies from a local store and spend time creating a craft with your partner! A few ideas include: obtaining supplies to create a canvas painting that can then be hung up in your home or creating seasonal decor for the home like painting or carving pumpkins for October.


6) Cozy Up and Slow Dance


Do you and your partner have a special song? A song that you danced to at your wedding or a song that was playing on your first date? Take some time to create a special playlist compiled with songs that remind each of you of your love and connection to one another. Turn on the playlist and slow dance in the living room together.


7) Perfectly Paired Picnic


Grab a blanket, some pillows, and a portable speaker, and pick out some snacks for an outdoor picnic! A fun idea includes: creating a charcuterie board together by selecting meats, cheeses, fruits, spreads, crackers, and more to enjoy during the picnic. Spend time stargazing or watching the clouds go by as you snack and connect. 



Some days it can truly feel like you are just in survival mode with all of the many responsibilities that must be tended to that it can seem impossible to find and make the time to spend quality time with your partner but it is so necessary. Taking the time to strengthen your connection and bond with your partner can foster healthy communication, intimacy, and more. Try to make it a priority to plan time for meaningful connections regularly with your partner and pay attention to the impact that doing so has on your relationship. If you are reading along and have made it this far, I encourage you to find an idea on this list that you are interested in and plan a night for your partner using the idea! 


At Natural Balance Counseling, we love supporting couples and helping them find ways to connect and improve their relationship. If you feel that you and your partner need support, feel free to reach out to us by either emailing us at or submit an inquiry right here on our website!