Creating Balance In Your Life – Part One

In case the name of my practice doesn’t tip you off enough, the concept of “balance” is one that I strive for! We hear it often and maybe talk about the need for it, but it’s a concept that many of us struggle to achieve, myself included!

Often, we will stay hyper-focused in some aspect of our lives in particular. Whether it’s work, family, self, school, etc… we will run ourselves into the ground with this until we get exhausted, then pick ourselves up and move forward into something else. But what if we could catch ourselves before we run into the ground and not have to pick up all the pieces? What if we could keep balanced with all the different things in your life you are trying to keep afloat all at once? What would that look like?

We start this approach by breaking things down into steps. First, let’s look at a timeline approach. Future blogs will cover other ways to approach this goal!


For your day

Take a little bit of time each day to do one thing honoring each part of yourself. One thing physical, one thing emotional, one thing mental, and one thing spiritual. note for spiritual – even if you don’t identify with an organized spiritual practice, this could be anything that gives you a sense of purpose and connection. This could be your family, reading or listening to something that opens your mind, or anything that fulfills that purpose


For your season

We’ve all been through a rough season recently. What you have been doing to stay balanced this past year AND this upcoming year may look different than other seasons, and that’s ok! How are you honoring all these different parts of yourself over this next year or season? Write them down and put those goals somewhere you can see them…


For your life

… And then write those goals again, but this time in an even bigger frame of mind – for your whole life. How do you want to look back and see that you’ve honored these parts of yourself overall throughout the various days and seasons you have gone through? What will those look like at the end? Write them and post them as well somewhere you can see them. This helps keep the bigger picture in mind instead of getting lost in the mundane world that drives us to exhaustion sometimes.


You’ve got this!