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Q and A Time With Your Local Therapist

These are common questions I hear from people in the community when they hear what I do. Look and see if they answer any questions you may have about counseling!


“I’ve dealt with things independently so far; how would therapy help?”


You’re right. You have! Strength, creativity, and resiliency are evident for these people most of the time. Counseling isn’t because you can’t do it without us. It is to help make things smoother and easier for you in the long run. It can improve life quality and protect against future struggles. Rather than just surviving, we can help you thrive!


“I wasn’t abused as a child. Do I still really need counseling?”


While childhood trauma is something we can address in therapy, it is not the only thing and not a requirement. We meet you where you are in your life with current struggles and help you reach your goals. Sometimes childhood experiences are discussed, and sometimes they are not. We can find success either way. Every experience in your life is worthy of evaluation if you desire it to be.


“But everything is ‘normal’ – I’m just not happy. How can therapy help me?”


Your feelings matter, even if you can not immediately identify what is wrong. We help clients explore what is going on for them internally and then identify external ways they can take control back of their life, creating it into something they are happy in and love.


“It’s been years since my husband and I have loved each other. Is it too late?”


Not at all! Our counselors have seen couples who reported years going by without intimacy to having intimacy return in less than a year. Counseling is also designed to benefit each person, even if the couple mutually decides to separate at the end due to incompatibility.


“I’ve tried five other counselors and didn’t like any of them. Why would you be any different?”


Personality match is essential for therapy and is a high indicator of success! To facilitate this, we provide a free consultation where you can discuss things with your counselor in a phone call and ask them any question you would like to help you identify if you will get along or not. In therapy, we also stay action and goal-oriented, ensuring we are always moving forward in the direction you want to go.


“Therapy is just someone listening and taking my money without real help. Why should I even bother?”


Unfortunately, some people have had that experience, which can create a bad taste in their mouth, not to mention how therapists are represented in the media! At Natural Balance Counseling, though, our counselors are all fully educated and state Licensed, meaning they are informed and equipped to listen, challenge, educate, and see a larger perspective of what is going on. We are trained in what to look for to identify what is happening and understand the various formulas of human behavior and emotion. By understanding these things, we can provide greater insight into your life and how that lines up with your goals, allowing you to adjust accordingly.


If you need support, our counselors at Natural Balance Counseling and ready to walk alongside you on this journey. Feel free to reach out today for a free 15-minute phone consultation to see if our counselors would be a good fit for you.