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Your Therapeutic Guide to New Year Goal Planning as a Couple

A new year can be filled with possibilities and opportunities for growth! When thinking of the new year, many people focus on individualized goals and where they want to focus their efforts and intentions for the coming year, but we tend to forget to consider the opportunity for growth within our relationships! As a therapist, I understand the transformative power of intentional goal planning and I am excited to guide you through a therapeutic approach to navigating the new year with your partner! Read along to learn more about a goal-planning process that goes beyond mere resolutions and dives deep into strengthening the foundation of your relationship!


Take Time to Reflect:

Before setting goals, take a moment to reflect on the uniqueness of your relationship with your partner. Explore your dynamics, celebrate your strengths, and acknowledge areas for growth.


Building a Safe Haven:

Create a space where vulnerability thrives and judgment takes a back seat. Identify strategies with your partner that will foster open communication, ensuring your goal-setting conversations are rooted in trust and understanding.


Explore Your Shared Dreams:

Uncover the beauty of shared dreams by exploring setting goals that directly impact the dynamics and well-being of the relationship. Examples of shared dreams may include: improving communication, building trust, or creating shared experiences.


Integrate Therapeutic Techniques:

Find ways to integrate therapeutic techniques into your conversations. From reflective listening to ‘I’ statements, these tools will become the instruments that orchestrate a harmonious connection between you and your partner and foster a safe space for exploration into strengthening your partnership. 


Mindful Steps Forward:

Embark on a journey of mindful goal setting. Being present in the moment and fully engaged in the process will not only solidify your goals but also deepen your connection. Examples of mindfulness may include: putting away and turning off all electronics, connecting through physical touch as you plan, and more. 


Support and Celebration:

Discover the role of mutual accountability in achieving your goals. Learn how to provide unwavering support for one another, encouragement, and identify ways to celebrate each other’s triumphs—big and small. Ask your partner how they appreciate you celebrating their wins to gain insight on how you can encourage them as you work towards your shared dreams and individual aspirations!


Be Open to Adjustments:

Adjusting goals as a couple is a natural and healthy part of the goal-setting process. Life is dynamic, and circumstances change. Take time to schedule and facilitate regular check-ins to evaluate progress towards your shared dreams and be open to adjusting timelines, expectations, or even the nature of the goals themselves. Wondering how to conduct a relationship check-in? Check out our blog titled “How To: Relationship Check-In” for more information!


Remember, therapeutic goal planning as a couple is not just a means to an end; it’s a continuous journey of growth and connection. Embrace the process, cherish the milestones, and watch your relationship flourish. Consider reaching out to a professional therapist for personalized guidance on your journey if you need the additional support. May this year be filled with love, growth, and the joy of achieving your shared aspirations.