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Living In Gratitude

This time of year always brings to mind the thoughts of being thankful, experiencing gratefulness, and trying to stay in the moment full of joy. Often living in gratitude, though, is easier said than done. This year may have been challenging for you and your family, or maybe life is so chaotic that it feels impossible to slow down enough and note what is happening around you. Here are some quick tips to help you start not only a habit of gratitude but also ideas to jumpstart your brain thinking over what you have to be grateful for! These ideas and skills can help you live in gratitude all year long! 


Stuck on what to think of? Go through this list and jot down your answers! Keep this list handy for other moments when you are drawing a blank. You can find gratitude around anything you would feel the absence of in a negative way. 


What are things to be grateful for related to?

  1. Your body 
  2. Your career 
  3. Your relationship 
  4. Your family 
  5. Your living situation 
  6. Your morning routine 
  7. Your evening routine
  8. Food items 
  9. Machines 
  10. Hygiene tools 
  11. Moment in history 
  12. Education 
  13. Future Plans 
  14. So many others!

Have difficulty living in gratitude? Implement these three tips! 

  1. Start writing things down – It sounds cliche but implementing a gratitude journal helps you be more aware of what you have to be thankful for and document it. By making it a daily habit, you are training your brain to be on the lookout for things to write about later or early the next day, depending on your schedule. Try creating a journal of gratitude related to a specific topic, area, or person! You will be amazed at how quickly just this one tool can change your entire outlook.
  2. Incorporate thankfulness into daily conversations – This is impactful on various levels! When in conversation with your partner, children, friends, co-workers, or anybody else in your life, make a point to express often things you are thankful for. This could be as simple as routine chores, everyday occurrences, or big things that slipped your mind before you said: “Thank you.” 
  3. Mid-day “pick me up” – There is a lot of conversation around morning and nighttime routines, but mid-day routines are things I am a massive fan of! A moment in the middle of your day to think of one to three things you are thankful for can change your mindset and shift a lousy day into a positive one. 

Start using these skills and watch how living in gratitude can turn from a mere daydream into a reality! If you need support in identifying ways to implement these skills and improve your well-being, we are ready to support you! Please reach out to us at to schedule a free 15-minute consultation to see if we would be a good fit for you!