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Who We Are As LGBTQIA+ Affirming Counselors

It’s pride month, and many companies are discussing support and visibility. Still, you may need clarification on what those things mean for each company and how they can impact your experience.


At Natural Balance Counseling, transparency is one of our core values; this area is no exception! Supporting this community is essential for us personally, professionally, and ethically.


When we say we are LGBTQIA+ affirming counselors, what does that mean?


– It means all individuals are welcome here at Natural Balance Counseling, regardless of sexual orientation, romantic orientation, or gender identity.


– It means your counselor will not pathologize a presenting concern you have because of an aspect of your identity.


– It means that we will not pretend that you identify as heterosexual/cisgender and ignore your identity. Privilege is real, and we take the experiences of any member of a minority group seriously.


– It means members of the leadership team and Natural Balance Counseling stay actively involved and outspoken in the local community to remain engaged with the LGBTQIA+ community and advocate for diversity and inclusion in all spaces.


– It means you will not have to educate your counselor about an aspect of your identity. While clarifying how you experience things will be discussed, your counselor will already know basic terminology, concepts and history.


– It means there will be no surprise “religious” teachings from your counselor. You can request that your counselor incorporate your spirituality into sessions as you desire, but even then, it is YOUR spirituality and not your counselor’s that remains what is important. Our Code of Ethics forbids ANY licensed counselor from imposing their own “values, attitudes, beliefs and behaviors” on any client. If you have experienced this from another counselor, we apologize on behalf of our colleagues and can support you in establishing a relationship with a new counselor.


– It means we recognize the importance of accurate information for family members of individuals within the LGBTQIA+ community. We remain aware and updated on information to help educate and support family members.


– It means we take our ethical duty as counselors seriously to remain culturally aware and informed. This is also part of our code of ethics, and we implement the use of continuing education, personal research, and community involvement to honor this ethical standard.


– It means we do not soften or sugarcoat our words for those who disagree with this stance. We are unapologetic in who we are so we can remain bright in a world that is often darkened by hate and lack of acceptance


If you or someone you love is looking for a safe counselor to support them in your/their journey, reach out today for a free consultation