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Before suggesting affirmations to a client, I often say, “Hear me out! Don’t disregard what I’m about to say because you think it will feel awkward.” We will laugh together and then talk through what we will talk about now!


Affirmations can be any phrase, concept, or belief you consistently remember. In truth, you already have many you practice regularly in this moment! These could be beliefs about what you are capable of, what you deserve to happen in your life, and how other people will treat you. What we find is that the beliefs we tell ourselves are what ends up happening over time.  


Sometimes, affirmations have received a bad reputation because of the cliche that people say they can say things once and expect it to happen. That’s different from what we are talking about here! We are talking about setting a goal for your journey so you know how to organize and follow through on your actions ahead! You are going to have some behavior in the future. You might as well have those actions be working towards the goal you want! 


Pick a Goal 

This is your affirmation! It can encompass any area of life you want, from personal to professional. Some of my favorites are: 


I am successful 

I have a strong and loving family 

My relationship is secure 

I deserve good relationships 

I am capable of handling change well 

I am fun 

My future is filled with joy


Live Out Your Life “As If” 

This is the part that often gets missed. If you genuinely believed those affirmations about yourself, what would be different? How would your actions change? Can you pretend you are already that person? 


Let us take “I deserve good relationships” and apply this. How would I act differently if I genuinely deserved good relationships (and I do!)? What conversations would a person who deserves good relationships have with their partner? What energy would they be spending on the relationship? What type of partner would they have? Anything that is out of alignment with this needs to change. 


Daily Reminders 

Post these affirmations somewhere you will see them every day! This could be on your phone, a bathroom mirror, car, computer, or all of the above! Use this method consistently and watch over three months of consistent change and accountable towards that change what is different in your life. 


It’s not magic, it’s YOU! But you are pretty magical.