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Making Connection With Your Partner Easy!

School is getting ready to start again, and everyone’s lives are about to settle into their new routine. In this, remember to prioritize your partner and your relationship together! Connecting with your partner regularly is essential to a happy and healthy relationship. 


Need help figuring out where to start? Here are some ways to strengthen your connection:


1. Communicate openly and honestly – Make sure you’re both on the same page by discussing your feelings and concerns. This can be one of the hardest things, but it is necessary for the foundation of the relationship. Being able to tolerate and handle anxiety when sharing difficult things is crucial in working through both smaller and bigger conflicts


2. Make time for each other – Spending quality time together is essential, whether that means going on a date or just hanging out at home. I encourage all my clients to go out on at least two dates a month, one romantic and one fun! The romantic one allows you to connect while the “fun” one adds novelty, adventure and “spark” back.


3. Show appreciation – Let your partner know you value and appreciate them. Small gestures, like saying thank you or hugging them, can go a long way. Ask your partner how they best like to be shown love and appreciation, as it can differ for everyone! Also, communicate for yourself what you need and prefer in this area too. 


4. Work together toward common goals – Whether planning a vacation or saving up for a down payment on a house, working together toward a common goal can bring you closer together. This can also include self-growth and awareness as you are working to become the best versions of yourselves that you can be.


5. Be respectful of each other’s boundaries – Everyone has their limits, so respecting your partner’s boundaries and communicating your own is important. As a reminder, a boundary is something that you have complete control over related to your actions, not a rule you are placing on someone else.


6. Be supportive – Encourage your partner to pursue their passions and goals and be there when they need support. Emotional, physical and mental support and essential building blocks for any relationship and can remind you how you both work well together.


7. Have fun together – Don’t forget to have fun! Whether trying a new hobby or just goofing around, laughter and joy can help strengthen your bond. Never underestimate the power of a good laugh together! 


Remember, connecting with your spouse takes effort and commitment, but it’s ultimately worth it. Following these tips can deepen your connection and build a stronger, happier relationship.