“Showing Up For Yourself” – What Does It Mean and How Can It Change Your Life?

“Just start being present.”

“Show up!”

“Give yourself the grace you so readily show others.”

“Love yourself.”


How many times do we hear these phrases or ones like them and how many times are we left confused wondering what they ACTUALLY mean?


When we think about being in any type of relationship with someone, part of what is necessary is spending quality time and intention with that other person in mind. How many relationships would be sustainable long term if we never answered a phone call from a friend, always denied the need of a partner, or never took the time to show up to our kid’s sports games? They wouldn’t have the quality and intensity of connection that so many of us desire. This is why we prioritize being there for our kids (even when we’d rather be doing something else,) listening when our partner talks, and schedule the lunch dates with friends we haven’t seen in a while. If this occurs long term, not showing up to be present for a relationship, they eventually fade away. Friendships dwindle, marriages end in divorce and kids become estranged. But the relationship you can never run from – is the relationship with yourself.


However, I find often in so many lives that our relationship with ourselves seems to be the one we rarely show up to. We push our needs to the side, ignore the red flags waving that need attention, and don’t attend to the needs when we think we should be doing something else. It should be no surprise then that many of us have either hit the point or on the trajectory to hit a crisis point of realizing we hate ourselves and just want to run from the life we are living. 


How do we prevent that? We show up in many areas, but I’m going to list three here that I see often!


Show Up In Your Self Care

Sometimes we do things in the name of self care because we saw it in a magazine, heard it somewhere from a friend, or just so we can check off that box. Or we don’t do it at all! Just like we each have different love languages we can express our care and affection to our spouse in, we also have different ways we can show our care towards ourselves. I know some people who schedule out alone time while others schedule out time with friends. Some take time to relax in a bath while others go the gym every night. While all of these are beneficial and helpful, I want you to slow down and do an evaluation to see what actions really give you the most energy and revitalization back for what you are needing in that moment.


Show Up In Your Health

We are bombarded often by health and diet “fads” of what is needed and not and what we should and shouldn’t do. Weeding through all of it can feel like a chore in and of itself and not conducive to self care. Start with intentionality. Slow down and pause to answer the question, “What does my body need right now?” Maybe it needs extra food, maybe it needs water, to rest, to move or any number of things! You can’t do them all at once, but you can do something now. Being present and active in the choices you make for your physical health can be an incredible act of care for yourself and you may be surprised at the difference it makes.


Show Up In Your Plans

Look ahead at your plan for today, this week, this month, this year. Where do you fit into that? We will plan ahead for things needed for other people or things, but oftentimes we forget ourselves or say “I’ll fit it in during free time” while inwardly knowing free time hasn’t happened in years. To do any type of showing up for yourself in any way requires intentionality, and often, that requires planning ahead.


The idea here is when you look at your plans ahead to be able to see a spot that you are physically showing up for yourself. This could be scheduling ahead some alone time, planning a trip to go to a conference over a topic you are interested in, meeting up with a friend for lunch next week, or any other variety of things. When you look at your calendar make sure that you are present and accounted for.


If you would like support in how to show up for yourself more, please reach out to us at: admin@naturalbalancecounseling.com